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CangzhouJi 'Andi Hardware Trading Co., Ltd. was established in July 2017.

Our company is a collection of research and development, design, production, salesof alloy products, tungsten steel products, nail products enterprises.Main products:tungsten steel mould, carbide mould, wire drawing mould, diamond mould,PCD, cold heading mould, shrink tube mould, cement nail, coil nail, steel row nail and soon.

The company's main products are 0.05-10.00 mm of all kinds of diamond wire drawing die, single crystal diamond wire drawing die, domestic polycrystal wire drawing die, imported polycrystal wire drawing die, domestic high-crystal wire drawing die and other supporting die.Products are widely used in: wire, cable,electromagnetic wire, electrical alloy, tungsten molybdenum material, stainlesssteel wire, nickel-titanium alloy and other metal calendering and stretchingindustry.

Nail making die (nail gripper, punch, nail knife) including carbide, high speed steel and other materials.Customers provide drawings for the production of various non-standard molds, special models of molds, etc.