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Different Materials Wire Drawing Dies

Issuing time:2017-11-29 19:49

(1)alloy steel mould

Alloysteel mould is an early drawing die making material.The materials used to makealloy steel mould are mainly carbon tool steel and alloy tool steel.But as aresult of the alloy steel hardness and poor wear resistance and short working time, can not adapt to the need of modern production, so the alloy die soon be eliminated, in the present production and processing has hardly see alloysteel.

(2)hard alloy

Hardalloy mould is made of hard alloy.Cemented carbide is a tungsten cobalt alloywhose main component is tungsten carbide and cobalt.Tungsten carbide is the"skeleton" of the alloy.Cobalt is a bonded metal which is a source ofalloy toughness.Therefore, cemented carbide die compared with alloy steel mouldhas the following characteristics: high wear resistance, good polishing, smalladhesion, low friction coefficient, low energy consumption, high corrosionresistance, these features make a wide variety of cemented carbide drawing dieprocessing adaptability, become today's popular used wire drawing die.

(3)natural diamond

Naturaldiamond is the carbon isotropic body, and the mould made of it has thecharacteristics of high hardness and good wear resistance.However, thebrittleness of natural diamond is larger and harder to process, which isgenerally used to make the drawing die below 1.2mm in diameter.In addition,natural diamond is expensive, the supply is in short supply, so the naturaldiamond model is not the economic and practical drawing tool people are lookingfor

(4)polycrystalline diamond

Polycrystallinediamond is an artificial diamond single crystal with high quality and goodquality, with a small amount of silicon, titanium, etc., together with hightemperature and high pressure.Polycrystalline diamond hardness is very high,and has a good wear resistance, compared with other materials, it has its ownunique advantages: due to the anisotropy of natural diamond, in the process ofdrawing, when the whole hole all around in the working status, natural diamondin hole wear a position will be preferred;And the polycrystalline diamond ispolycrystalline and has isotropic characteristics, thus avoiding the phenomenonof uneven wear and uneven pattern of die holes.Compared with hard alloy, thetensile strength of polycrystalline diamond is only 70% of common cementedcarbide, but 250% is harder than hard alloy, in this way, makes thepolycrystalline diamond die than cemented carbide die has more advantages.It ismade of polycrystalline diamond with good abrasion resistance, uniform internalhole abrasion, strong resistance to impact, high drawing efficiency, and muchcheaper than natural diamond.Therefore, the current polycrystalline diamondmodel is widely used in the drawing industry

(5)CVD coating drawing die

CVD(chemical vapor deposition method) coated drawing die is a new technology newlydeveloped. The main method is coating diamond film on hard alloy wire drawingdie.Diamond polycrystal diamond film is pure, it has the bright and cleandegree of single crystal diamond, temperature resistance, wear resistance ofpolycrystalline diamond and price is low wait for an advantage, in preparationof instead of the rare natural diamond wire drawing die tool has   good performance, the wide use of it will bring new vitality for wire drawing die industry.

(6)ceramic materials

High-performanceceramic materials with high hardness, good wear resistance, chemical stabilitystrong, excellent high temperature mechanical properties and bonding with metaland other characteristics, can be widely used in refractory materialprocessing.

Nearly30 years, due to the ceramic material in the manufacturing process to realizethe purity of raw materials and the effective control of grain size, developeda variety of carbide, nitride, boride, oxide, whisker or add a small amount ofmetal technology.The strength, toughness and impact resistance of ceramicmaterials have been improved greatly.

Although the ceramic drawing die is not widely used in China, as themanufacturing technology improves, the ceramic will be a good drawing materialfor drawing industry.

Ceramic wire drawing die during wire drawing is not easy to adhesion with the metalwire, to improve the wire material surface properties, especially at hightemperature control colored hard material (such as W, Mo wire, etc.).It canavoid the defects of hard alloy wire drawing die by using ceramic drawing diedrawing, and can extend the die working time and improve the surface quality of thematerial.

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