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The working principle of nail making machine

Issuing time:2021-02-28 09:33Author:andi chen

Each nail is first made of new steel wire or waste steel wire with different diameters by the drawing machine through the aperture of the drawing die and then drawn into the same diameter as the nail rod, and then straightened and fed by the nail making machine, the nail making die clamps the steel wire, the nail making tool cuts the steel wire, and then the punch stamping the nail cap and other cyclic movements.Each step in this process is important, the equipment has a high mechanical performance requirements, nail mold is easy to wear parts, need to have a good hardness and durability.

The stamping process of nail making machine is driven by the spindle (eccentric shaft)rotating movement of connecting rod, punch rod to form reciprocating motion, soas to realize the stamping process.Clamping is by the two sides of the payshaft (also is the eccentric shaft) and the rotation of the CAM on the clamping rod repeated pressure, so that the clamping rod swing around, the activity ofthe nail making mold clamping, relax to complete a cycle of wire clamping process.When the shaft rotates, it drives the small connecting rod on bothsides to rotate so that the cutter box on both sides reciprocates, and thecutter fixed in the cutter box realizes the cutting process.The wire of nail making can produce plastic deformation or separation through punching rod,clamping die and cutting knife, so as to obtain the shape of nail cap and nailtip and the size of nail.

The nails made bystamping are stable in quality, high in production efficiency, and easy tooperate. The automation and mechanization of nail making machine are realized,and the production cost of nails is lower.Therefore, the precisionand structure of spindle, pay shaft, punch rod, nail making mold, cutter directly affect the forming and precision of nails.

Nails are a common but indispensable part in our daily life.According to the use of variousindustries, nails are divided into many kinds, such as: common nails (ordinarysteel nails), used in wood floor decoration of the floor nails,upholstery, furniture manufacturing industry can not leave the steel row nails,car seats, wire mesh used card nails and so on.