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Nail manufacturing process flow

Issuing time:2021-03-03 08:42

Ina nutshell:

The production process of nails is mainly wire drawing, cold heading, polishing andother technological processes. The production process of nails is relatively simple.

The raw material of the nail is the round plate, which is the round steel of the plate. After drawing, the diameter of the nail rod is pulled out, and thenafter cold heading, the tail and tip of the nail are made, and then the finished product is polishe d.These can be added if the nail surface is neededfor electroplating or blackening.


Let's start with raw materials.The steel bar bought from the steel mill is processed into a wire drawing machine (wire drawing machine) with a suitable diameter ofiron wire, and then the nail making machine is used to shear, press the nail cover, and then polish each qualified nail is made.Nailmaker is the term forit.Small nails can be finished at one time on the nail making machine.A polishing machine is a machine that takes nails and saw foam and things likethat and puts them in there and stirs and rubs them and they shine!

The nail making machine will complete all the procedures of reinforcing bars traightening, stamping the nail cover and extruding the nail tip.

A simple illustration would be:

Scrapsteel bar --A+B type wire drawing machine -- nail machine (choose one) --polishing machine -- packaging factory

The correct procedure (the principle) is:

1.First, the raw material shall be finished at the same time of drawing and derusting by the wire drawing machine, and then the diameter of the nails you need shall be drawn.

2,and then enter the nail making mechanism into a round nail.

3,into the polishing machine (add raw materials) into the brightness you need topour out.

4, metering packaging factory (can also be drawn into grid, chicken coop, greenhouse, hanger, basket and other aspects of use).

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