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Cast iron

Issuing time:2021-03-04 07:37

The difference between cast iron and pig iron is the secondary processing, that is,cast iron is cast iron in the furnace to melt again, and add iron alloy, scrapsteel composition adjustment and obtained.The mass fraction of carbon in castiron is greater than 2.11%.Cast iron is one of the   widely used materialswith excellent performance, simple production and low cost.

Cast ironis divided into gray cast iron, white cast iron and hemp cast iron according tothe fracture color.

Gray castiron: most of the mechanical properties of gray cast iron are much lower than steel, but the compressive strength is similar to steel, with good casting performance, vibration performance, wear resistance and cutting performance, as well as low notch performance, can be used to produce some strength requirements are not high, mainly under pressure of the box or base.

White castiron: white cast iron is graphite free cast iron, all of its carbon and iron form iron carbide, cementite has a high hardness and brittleness, can not bearcold processing, also can not bear hot processing, can only be directly used incasting state, is a good wear resistant material, can work under wear conditions.

Kennel cast iron: kennel cast iron, also known as spot cast iron, is a kind of castiron between white cast iron and gray cast iron.The performance of hemp cast ironis not good, so it is seldom used.