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The use of high speed steel and cemented carbide

Issuing time:2021-03-15 08:05Author:andi chenSource:jad tungsten carbide

High-speed steel tool and cemented carbide tool are bothhigh-speed cutting tools, but there are big differences in the use, relativelyspeaking:

1. High speed steel: hard and tough, maintaining a high hardnessbelow 600 ℃.

2. Hard alloy: hard and brittle, pressure resistant, wearresistant, keep high hardness below 1000 ℃.

In practical use, pay attention to:

1. High speed steel can be machined at a very low speed due toits good toughness.The carbide tool must be cut at high speed, cutting speedcan not be low.Otherwise the blade will crack.

2. During machining, the cutting fluid of HSS can be injectedcontinuously or intermittently;Carbide tool cooling, must be continuous, fromthe beginning to the end of the refueling, not halfway refueling, otherwise thetool because of sudden cooling and sudden heat and crack.

3. Because of the pressure and wear resistance of cementedcarbide tool, it is suitable for cutting hard and brittle cast iron workpiecein the actual cutting process.

4. When sharpening the knife, the high-speed steel can becontinuously ground on the grinder;The carbide tool in the grinder can notcontinue to grind, otherwise it will collapse the phenomenon.

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