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Diamond wire drawing die

Issuing time:2021-03-23 09:03Author:czjad

The object of action of diamond wire drawing die is metal. Itcan be divided into two kinds, one is natural diamond die, the other isartificial polycrystalline diamond.Naturaldiamond has features of high hardness and good abrasion resistance, with thiskind of mould drawing wire surface finish is very high, because of the naturaldiamond has the anisotropy in the structure, its hardness is anisotropic, thedie wear and tear is not uniform, products are not round, and combined with theprice of expensive and shortage, high surface quality requirement of commonlyused as a fine wire drawing die or finished drawing die.Anotherkind of synthetic polycrystalline diamond is aspecific polycrystal. It has the advantages of high hardness, good wearresistance, strong impact resistance, etc.There is no anisotropy in hardness, uniform wear, die service time is relativelylong, suitable for high-speed drawing. Due to thequality problems such as coarse grain size and poor polishing performance ofthe polycrystalline die blank produced by the manufacturer, at present,polycrystalline die is mostly used as the transition die rather than thefinished die. However, with the improvementof the quality and processing level of polycrystalline mould, it has a tendencyto replace the expensive natural diamond as the finished mould.

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