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Square PCD wire drawing dies


Square PCD wire drawing dies

Product Introduction:

Square PCD wire drawing dies are used in drawing and extrusion machines where material is forced under pressure through the die. These dies are constructed in the same way as dies for round wire. They accurately produce products of square shape to meet diversified needs of customers.

Polycrystalline diamond is made of carefullyselected high-quality artificial diamond single crystal plus a small amount ofsilicon, titanium and other binders, under the condition of high temperature and high pressure polymerization.Polycrystalline diamond has high hardness andgood wear resistance. Compared with other materials, it has its own unique advantages: due to the anisotropy of natural diamond, in the process of drawing, when the whole hole around the working state, the natural diamond in acertain position of the hole will be preferred wear;The polycrystalline diamond belongs to polycrystal and has the characteristic of isotropy, thus avoiding the uneven wear of die hole and the phenomenon of the die hole is notround.Compared with cemented carbide, the tensile strength of polycrystallinediamond is only 70% of that of common cemented carbide, but it is 250% harderthan cemented carbide. Thus, polycrystalline diamond mold has more advantages than cemented carbide mold.The drawing die made of polycrystalline diamond has good wear resistance, uniform wear of inner hole, strong impact resistance,high drawing efficiency, and much cheaper than natural diamond.So at present,polycrystalline diamond wire drawing die is widely used in wire drawing industry.

Sharpen and polish the inner corners according to customer requirements.


Square steel, Copper wires such as flat wire, decorative articles such as necklaces, copper wires for automotive alternators.